What is extracellular water (ECW)?

Extracellular water is found outside of the cell. It is important for providing the nutrients and substances necessary for the function of that tissue. It is rich in the electrolyte sodium and low in the electrolyte potassium. Extracellular water contributes to approximately 40% of total body water.

Extracellular water makes up: interstitial fluid (the fluid that provides nutrients and oxygen to all of the cells whilst removing waste), blood plasma (the liquid part of the blood that all the blood cells are carried in) and transcellular fluid (fluid that lubricates body joints and provides nutrients).

What is intracellular water (ICW)?

Intracellular water is found inside the cell. It contains dissolved substances and proteins which are necessary for all the vital cellular processes to take place. It is rich in the electrolyte potassium and low in the electrolyte sodium. Intracellular water contributes to approximately 60% of total body water.

Our unique blend supports both these functions for optimal performance.

The Origins of True Sports Hydration

Our Journey

In our quest to address global freshwater issues, we uncovered the secrets to superior hydration.

Our journey began with the creation of a water filtration system designed to address global freshwater challenges. Unexpectedly, we discovered that this system could produce water of exceptional purity (99.999+% pure). Given that highly pure water possesses remarkable absorption capabilities, we considered if the addition of electrolytes would enhance their efficiency and promote superior hydration. Fortunately, it proved successful.

The Science

In ancient times, pure water came from natural evaporation, forming clouds and falling as rain. It flowed through rivers, absorbing minerals from rocks and soil, sustaining life for millennia.

Today, pollution has made pure water rare. It has become contaminated by chemical pollutants present in the air and soil.

True Sports Hydration™ follows nature’s recipe. We start with ultra-pure (99.999+%) water, add essential minerals, and package it conveniently in cans, offering a superior alternative to drinking mineral-rich but polluted river water.

True Sports Hydration

True Sports Hydration™

Experience the essence of Purity and Vitality with True Sports Hydration™ in harmony with modern science and nature’s wisdom.

True Sports Hydration