Purity & Vitality working in Harmony

Elevate your performance, endurance, and recovery with True Sports Hydration™. Experience the essence of purity and vitality in harmony with modern science and nature’s wisdom.
Unlock your potential with True Sports Hydration

Pure Hydration, Minerals Unleashed

Experience the ultimate hydration revolution with True Sports Hydration drink, where Pure Hydration meets Minerals Unleashed. Our specially crafted formula is packed with essential electrolytes, ensuring your body’s optimal intracellular hydration. We go beyond the basics, infusing our drink with vital minerals and amino acids, providing not just refreshment but also replenishment.

Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, our drink is a powerhouse blend that supports your performance and recovery. Embrace the power of True Sports Hydration and unlock your true potential. Stay focussed, stay energised, stay unstoppable.

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Dehydration can negatively impact running performance. Discover the science-backed power of optimal hydration for your pre and post workout. Unlock peak performance with our 99.999+% pure water and essential minerals sports water.

Muscle Recovery

Did you know that inadequate hydration can make you more susceptible to muscle strains, cramps, and heat-related problems during physical activity? The good news is, you can enhance your workout recovery with our pure sports water.

Muscle Cramps

Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can be associated with an increased risk of muscle cramps in athletes. Good hydration is crucial as it helps maintain proper muscle function and prevents the onset of painful muscle cramps during intense physical activity.

Break Free From Limited Hydration Options

Drinking excess water can dilute electrolytes, while sodium-filled beverages only hydrate outside cells. Our innovation delivers true intracellular hydration for rapid rehydration.  When it comes to maintaining hydration, the crucial aspect lies not in the quantity of water consumed, but in what our bodies can retain.

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Unlock the Potential of True Sports Hydration

With zero salt and zero sugar, and a balance of essential electrolytes,  True Sports Hydration boasts an ideal osmolality of 200 (distilled and deionised water has 0-10 osmolality), providing fast absorption and effective intracellular hydration.


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Zero Salt & Sugar

Ultra-Pure Water


Intracellular Hydration

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