Who We Are

Our aim is to provide premium hydration solutions tailored for athletes and active individuals that also helps underserved communities in India to thrive.

Our water is not just different in the water industry, it is unique! We understand the importance of deep intracellular hydration, particularly for athletes. Our proprietary blend of essential electrolytes offer the optimal balance of intra and extra cellular fluid balance like no other hydration drink. Our water starts life in the purest form available using ethically designed RO systems that are impacting and changing the world.

Committed purity and effectiveness

Purity & Effectiveness

We prioritise the purity and effectiveness of our products, ensuring optimal performance and recovery through superior hydration. Committed to ethical practices and community engagement, we empower individuals to embrace their true potential.

Manoj at the Hans Filtration Plant

Our Founder Manoj Bhargava

True Sports is led by billionaire Manoj Bhargava, creator of 5-hour ENERGY, and owner of more than 13 companies. Manoj’s core belief is that those with more have a duty to serve those with less. He is committed to enabling the unlucky half of the world to obtain basic needs so they can live healthy, productive lives. That goal is the focus of the work he is funding through Stage 2, The Hans Foundation, and The Hans Foundation Hospitals. Manoj continues to dedicate 99 percent of his wealth to helping those in need and is employing a unique zero-profit business model in order to serve as many people as possible.

Manoj at the Hans Filtration Plant
Hans Filtration Reverse Osmosis units

95% More Efficient Water Filtration

Watch this video to explore the origins of the driving force behind our premium water and our the commitment to delivering the best solutions for our customers. At True Sports Hydration, we are also devoted to providing quality water for individuals in the UK and Ireland.


Meet Our Team

Lisa Burke Group CEO

Lisa Burke

Group CEO

Gemma Burke Sales Director

Gemma Burke

Sales Director

Clare McCann Marketing Director

Clare McCann

Marketing Director