Time to Track…

Its important to track your experience to really notice the benefits! Drinking pre and post workout makes a big difference to your body!

True Start - Step Three - Proper Hydration

Optimal Hydration

Proper hydration is of the utmost importance to our well-being and yet it’s something we need to be constantly encouraged to do. We all know by now that we should be drinking at least two litres of water a day but so few of us actually hydrate enough.

The quality of our water varies significantly by type. Ultra pure water offers both intra and extra cellular hydration.

True Start - Step Three - Complexion is No Exception

Healthy Complexion Is No Exception

Every function of our bodies is heavily dependent on the proper function of others but all depend on sufficient hydration and a healthy complexion is no exception.

You simply will not renew, rejuvenate or recover all optimum rate if you’re dehydrated.

And remember that’s the state most people are in most of the time.

So we’re agreed we should be drinking more water but that often means more fluoride, more clorine, more estrogen and other hormones, and over 300 man-made chemicals.

True Start - Step Three - Complexion is No Exception
True Start - Step Three - No Tap Water

Say No To Tap Water

Why say no to tap Water?

While chlorine, limescale, and fluoride are all expected to be in tap water, certain chemicals can appear that have harmful effects when ingested. Although lead is rarely found in water, it can sometimes be absorbed from old pipes and is highly poisonous when ingested. All of these contribute to a very low absorption rate of quality H20 molecules.

True Start - Step Three - Bottled Water versus Filtered Water

Bottled Water Versus Filtered Water

Filtered water involves using a filter such as a pitcher filter or reverse osmosis system to remove contaminants from a tap or well water. This type of filtration can effectively remove harmful pollutants while preserving beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Bottled water typically comes from natural springs or underground sources like aquifers and contains fewer contaminants than tap or filtered water since it has not been exposed to environmental pollution. It also tastes better since it does not contain added chemicals like chlorine used in tap water treatment processes.

True Start - Step Three - Bottled Water versus Filtered Water
True Start - Step Three - Reverse Osmosis

Why Is Reverse Osmosis So Good?

True Sports uses a 3 stage osmosis system for their water creating not only ultra pure but better tasting water!

Better-Tasting Water and Food Because Reverse Osmosis has the ability to remove 95-99 percent of total dissolved solids (TDS) in drinking water, as well as improve the odor, appearance, and overall taste of your water, giving you 99.996% ultra pure water perfectly absorbed into the cells where it’s needed most.

Filters and Distilling

Filters And Distilling

Many water filters and water softeners on the market today work by removing almost everything from your drinking water, leaving you with a tap water that is similar in nature to distilled water. Unfortunately, this kind of water isn’t ideal drinking water, as it doesn’t provide the minerals that the body needs, specifically magnesium and calcium.

Being without these minerals can lead to a decrease in your body’s metabolic function, as well as increase in urination, which can result in increased loss of electrolytes. This, combined with the electrolytes lost through sweat, can result in a deficit for your body. Over time, this can have a detrimental effect on your health. In the absolute worst-case scenarios, this can result in serious health issues, like acidosis

Filters and Distilling
True Start - Step Three - Quality Water

Quality Water

Quality water means less fluid intake is required! Our water assists in rapid recovery, increased endurance and stamina and ultimate intra and extra cellular hydration! As well as decreased stress on liver and kidneys and boosts your bodies ability to detoxify! It doesn’t get better than True Sports!